Candidate Direct - Self-Service Portal for Background Checks

When hiring employees, IntelliCorp’s Candidate Direct solution provides you with an easy way to conduct background checks.

Applicants self-enter their information needed for the background check online from their preferred mobile device, laptop or desktop, thus creating a better overall candidate experience. Candidate Direct helps keep you compliant, saves time and provides you with more efficient HR onboarding.

Key Highlights:

  • A disclosure and authorization jurisdictional solution that includes federal, state and local forms for your applicant to e-sign.
  • An available Adverse Action solution that facilitates preliminary and adverse action letters (final decision) at the jurisdictional level (federal, state and local) where required.
  • Document management storage in your account that houses signed applicant disclosure and authorization forms as well as adverse action letter correspondence with the candidate.

Portal Benefits:

  • Customize the portal according to your brand, colors and text
  • Choose your package of products based on the applicantfs role or job
  • Applicants can scan a copy of their driverfs license and the system automatically fills in the information captured
  • Allows for the user to save, exit and return at any point during the process
  • Data entry steps are numbered so the applicant knows where they are at when entering their information

Candidate Direct Workflow
1. You order and send background screening e-mail links to your candidates.
2. Applicants receive a background check invitation via e-mail.
3. Candidates enter and submit their personal information for the back-ground check.
4. You view the reports in the dashboard and/or results center.


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