Insuring Caregiving Organizations

Home Healthcare Insurance Coverage & Benefits

Glatfelter Healthcare Practice has tailored the following coverage specifically for home healthcare agencies:

Home Healthcare Professional Liability Insurance

Professional Liability

Referred to as malpractice or E&O insurance; Glatfelter’s policy states: “We will pay those sums the insured becomes legally obligated to pay as damages because of injury arising out of a medical incident.” The policy further defines “medical incident” as any act, error or omission in the rendering or failure to render professional healthcare services by you or anyone for whose professional healthcare services you are legally responsible, with “professional healthcare services” being broadly defined.

Home Healthcare General Liability Insurance

General Liability

Glatfelter provides one policy for Professional & General Liability to avoid delays caused by carrier disagreements as to which policy applies. We also offer Defense Costs outside the limit, Duty to Defend and Pay on Behalf coverage.

Home Healthcare Auto Insurance


Provides liability coverage for fleet as well as hired/non-owned vehicles for employees and volunteers.

Home Healthcare Excess Liability Insurance

Excess Liability

Provides additional liability limits when primary layer General Liability, Professional Liability or Auto Liability insurance limits are exceeded.

Home Healthcare directors and officers liability insurance

Directors’ & Officers’ (D&O) Liability 

A type of management liability coverage; Our policy covers the healthcare entity as well as directors and officers for wrongful acts.

Home Healthcare employment practices liability insurance

Employment Practices Liability

Available to not-for-profit healthcare providers. For profit entities are a refer to company."

Home Healthcare Sexual Abuse Liability Insurance

Sexual Abuse Liability

Glatfelter covers abuse liability, but excludes coverage for sexual abuse liability. This coverage can, however, be added by endorsement for those home healthcare organizations that comply with our sexual abuse loss control program highlighted in our Safety Central.
Home Healthcare Property Insurance


Glatfelter provides for all causes of loss unless specifically excluded.