Insuring Caregiving Organizations

Hospice Coverage Highlights

Medical malpractice liability coverage is available to your contracted, volunteer or employed physicians. Coverage is provided for their administrative and/or clinical duties on behalf of your organization.
  • Business personal property is covered for the perils of flood and earthquake.
  • A $50,000 business interruption and extra expense including coverage for the perils of flood and earthquake are provided at no additional cost. Higher business income / extra expense limits are also available.
  • Sexual abuse coverage up to $3,000,000 is available to clients who qualify.
  • Up to $25,000 is included to reimburse you for payments to patients and their families because of lost or stolen property.
  • We value the importance of giving our policyholders access to a local insurance representative and market our home healthcare insurance products through local agents and brokers who are available to help you.